Update 16th August 2019

  • Mashalla the Eid Collection raised just under £3000.
  • We have nearly reached the target for the carpet appeal. Another £2000 and we will have met the target.
  • Work on painting and fitting out of the bungalow should begin shortly, allowing heating and small kitchen to be put in and then a whole range of activities can be available for the community. The sisters, through Stuwa, have contributed £4000 towards this.
  • The steel platform on the roof is installed, so the heating and air handing units will be going up soon.
  • The design of the entrance to the masjid is undergoing minor modifications. When it is ready, images will be shared for comments.
  • The funeral services project is progressing with the design work. Quotes will be sought for the hardware ie body chillers, trolley, harness, washing table and ancillary equipment. Following this we will work closely with the Death Committee, to launch the funding appeal.
  • The Trustees have approved the 18/19 Annual Accounts and Annual Report. The Annual Report is a much more informative document highlighting the work of the Charity and replaces the previous presentations. The Report will be available on this website and in hard copy, in a few weeks.
  • Finally, whilst much positive feedback has been received about the new website, we are aware it does not optimise layout for mobile phones. Our volunteer who originally overlooked this in selecting the theme (the look of the website). This will be remedied via selection of a new theme (look) in due course. So expect the front page to change when that happens.