News w/c 23 September 2019


A few weeks ago, trustees Dr Qureshi & Dr Shaukat Ali, with Project Manager Sarwar Ayub, visited Batley, Yorkshire, to visit Carpet Innovations, the factory supplying the bespoke carpet for the Masjid. We were shown the spinning and weaving looms and taken through the process from wool arriving from New Zealand, to the dying process at another unit and how the final design is planned and weaved by hand.

We also visited a mortuary to gain some insights for our planned facility.

Last Friday staff from the factory came to the Masjid to measure precisely, and set the template for both halls. Given the irregular contours of the halls, this was essential, ensuring that each mussalla is in proportion, and not running into borders. The colour will be matched to the foyer tiles, with a 2 inch saf line in gold/orange. Each mussalla will be handgrooved, in a minimalist fashion, so as not to visually distract the attention of the namees. The central domes will have star shape beneath and rear of the main hall will have a series of stars.

We have paid a deposit and lead time is about 3 months, which is at our request, as we need to resolve a few roof leaks and have the halls repainted and domes and mirhaab decorated.