Update on masjid work

Update on masjid work

After some delay in the construction of the roof platform to house the heating and air conditioning units, installation work started before Christmas and is due to finish in the early part of January. This will allow full-time usage of the masjid, subject to building control and fire service certificate of usage.

The prayer halls and foyer painting should begin soon. It was initially delayed due to seal the roof leakages, then with delays in seeking 3 quotes.

Once the painting is done and it is clear there are no further leaks, the new carpet will be ready to fit before Easter.

With the fitting of the new carpet, some changes in hygiene practices will be needed. At the moment attendees are walking into the foyer with dirty shoes and walking over the same floor into the masjid. This is not only unhygienic but it will stain the new carpet.

Plans to tarmac the car parking area will go some way to help the situation, but will not eliminate it, so a way needs to be found so that no outdoor shoes enter the foyer. Various options are being considered and more information will follow. Meanwhile we will be seeking quotes for the car park refurbishment and appeal will be launched in the coming months.

Looking forward, the planning application for the change of use of part of the garage into a body wash area has been submitted. Further progress on the broader funeral service provision will be developed over the summer.

We hope the new website is more informative. An update is planned in early January. To enhance security, safety and local support, we will be migrating the website hosting to a company in Shifnal.

As a result of the change, we might need to change over to gmail, which we have already setup, as a precaution, but hopefully we will continue to use the dot com address, although the migration process will mean we will not have access to the email for a week and use the gmail address.

Have any questions? email telfordcentralmosque@gmail.com