Construction Update

Mashallah, the commissioning work on the heating, air conditioning and ventilation is underway. You will have noticed the equipment working at various times. The process will last about 2 weeks, until all the equipment and controls are fully tested and running.

There is still around £10k to make the final payment for this part of work. Prior to this, £35k was paid towards the installation and remainder of equipment costs. We have further payments due for reminder of electrical work and platform housing the equipment on the roof. This has stretched our finances to minimum levels, therefore we urgently request generous donations for these. Most urgent are funds to paint the main halls and associated maintenance repairs, prior to the carpet being fitted, inshallah ahead of Ramadan, when we formally move in with 5 times prayers. We also plan to tarmac the car parking area. Quotes are being sought for this but the anticipated cost will be somewhere in the region of £12-15K.