Car Parking

Continuing inconsiderate car parking on Fridays.

Despite having dedicated car parkingĀ  available to us at the New College car park, off Regents St, we are sadly still experiencing inconsiderate behaviour by some masjid attendees on Jumma.

Cars are being parked on double yellow lines along King St, or private land, blocking residents etc. We even have inconsiderate car parking within the Masjid grounds, blocking access for other users, but also to any emergency services that may be needed.

Please note, Telford and Wrekin are assuming parking enforcement powers and will issue penality notices to vehicles parked on double yellow lines.

Also note, on Jumma the masjid car park is restricted to disabled users, ladies and the volunteers opening and closing masjid and any onsite contractors. In all cases, there should be no parking in front of any cars. All other attendees need to use the New College car park.

Please demonstrate good muslim ettiquette by showing consideration to other attendees, the local community, and out of concern for safety of all. Thank you.