Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Community update

As the presence of the Coronavirus becomes more prominent, in common with mosque administrators across the UK, we’ve been busily gathering as much information as possible about its impact on public health and our responsibilities. Whilst we will mainly rely on government advice for any major changes in our day to day operations, we continue to heed briefings from relevant bodies such as the Muslim Council of Britain and The British Board of Scholars & Imams – BBSI (see the documents below) and advice from trusted medical professionals within the community. Our overriding responsibility is the safety of our employees, mosque attendees, the children in the madrassa, and of course our many volunteers.

We’ll be updating our website as this situation develops so for up to date information and the latest updates do keep checking regularly.

In the immediate and short-term, please heed the advice of health officials about washing hands regularly and avoid contact with face, nose and eyes when outside.

If you have a persistent cough and/or mild temperature, please self-isolate.

Avoid hand shaking and hugs. As the virus lingers on surface for many hours, and longer on soft surfaces such as carpets, use a face cloth for Sujood or bring your own prayer mat.  Please do not linger after Farz prayers, Sunnat and Nawafil can be done at home.

The virus is more deadly for the elderly and those with existing underlying health issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, immune suppression, and chronic lung disease. Those with such conditions are advised to stay at home.

We have taken some precautions by replacing cloth towels with paper towels. As the latter do involve costs, please help by – where possible – bringing in your own face towel and take it home with you.

Social responsibility to others is a fundamental part of Islam, so even if you are not overly concerned yourself about your own health and well-being, please have consideration for others and avoid coming to the masjid if you have any of the symptoms, however mild, until this is over.

The Prophet (ﷺ) used to supplicate: “Allahumma inni a’udhu bika minal-barasi, wal- jununi, wal-judhami, wa sayyi’il-asqami’ (O Allah! I seek refuge in You from leucoderma, insanity, leprosy and evil diseases).” [Abu Dawud].


Please read all 4 pages of the briefing below by using the forward arrows.

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