Coronovirus – Suspension and closures

Asalaamualaykum wa rahmatullah (be peace upon on you)

As people will be aware, we have tried to keep everyone informed about the enfolding and evolving Coronavirus situation. Events and advice are changing from day to day, with news of Mosques being shut all over the country (Birmingham Green Masjid, others in Manchester etc) and various organisations such as the MCB, calling for such closures. Consequently, more action is needed by us.

We are aware the masjid plays a central role in many people’s daily lives and a day without a visit and congregation prayers feels incomplete. Most of us see Friday prayers as an integral part of our lives too. It is therefore with a heavy heart that following a meeting of Trustees and Imaam Suleman (our Imaam), in the interest and well-being of all our stakeholders, the following decisions have been made, with immediate effect.

  1. Madrasah – Face to face teaching will be suspended from 18th March until further notice. Teaching will move to an online/video call-based teaching and learning until further notice. The madrassa will be sending more details via text.
  2. All weekday ladies’ classes run by Apa Asma will move to online based teaching as well.
  1. All 5 congregational daily prayers and Jumu’ah are cancelled from Thursday 19th March for the general public until further notice.
  1. All weeknight programs by Maulana Suleman will go online. All other classes, events and programs are cancelled with immediate effect until further advice.
  1. For funeral arrangements continue to contact the death committee, who will advise.
  1. We ask everyone to continue their daily prayers at home and pray for Allah to protect us and grant all relief from this infliction.
  1. Please also note that we rely entirely on Jumu’ah donations for our day to day expenses, much of which will continue. Please help to offset this loss of vital revenue by setting up standing orders with your bank. £5 per week, ie £20 per month will go a long way to provide financial stability. SIF bank details are on our website.
  1. Finally, please remember to look in on your neighbours, especially the elderly and those living alone, and offer any help they need.

We remind everyone to keep informed via the nhs website

The Trustees and Imaam (Suleman)
Shropshire Islamic foundation (Telford Central Mosque)

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