Sadaqatul Fitr (Fitrana), school fees & donations collection arrangements


We hope all members of the community are safe and benefitting from the blessings of Ramadan.

We have made the following arrangements for collection of Sadaqatul Fitr (Fitrana) – £5 person, any outstanding school fees (for those that still pay by cash), and donations to the masjid. On the following days and times at KING St masjid:

Monday 11th May 1-2pm
Thursday 14th May 1-2pm

Please drop off, in the letter box, Sadaqatul Fitr/Fitrana (CASH ONLY) in an envelope, with your full name, address and telephone number on back.

Any outstanding school fees and donations to the masjid during Ramadan and missed Jummas can be cash or cheque in an envelope, with either “school fees (please include child reference number) or masjid donation” clearly written, along with your full name, address and telephone number on back. State if you require a receipt (please state paper receipt or email or via SMS).

One of the trustees will visit the King St Masjid on the day and time above so please adhere to those times so that money is immediately collected for security reasons.

We will have separate collection day and time for Eid donations (suggested £100 per working person) nearer the time.

Please make your own arrangements for Zakat.

Trustees, SIF