Re-opening update


This is another update for the community on the re-opening of the masjid following the government’s latest guidelines published on 29th June ( We are pleased to confirm that inshallah we hope to re-open King St Masjid to the public on 10th July.

As mentioned in the previous update, we have been working behind the scenes to ensure that all practical precautions, including social distancing and hygiene, have been put in place to ensure the safety of attendees and our staff. The broad process and procedures outlined in the 9 step guidelines
( from the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) have formed the basis for our preparations.

There is a Telford & Wrekin Council briefing on 6th July and inshallah following that, final arrangments will be in place ahead of the opening.

There will be more detailed guidelines posted on the website nearer the opening but meanwhile please note the following background information.

 For Jumma, there will be 3 Jammat, attendance capped to 30 (Gents) and 6* (ladies) maximum capacity:

1st Jamaat: arrive between 1 & 1.15, leave by 1.45  Age Group: 60+

2nd Jamaat: arrive between 2 & 2.15, leave by 2.45  Age Group: 40 – 60

3rd Jamaat**: arrive between 3 & 3.15, leave by 3.45 Age Group 14-40

The situation will be reviewed after the first Jumma.

*To be confirmed after final social distance marking

** If the weather is good, a much larger 3rd jamaat at New College carpark will be held

We need volunteers to act as Marshals for Jumma prayers, at 2 least per Jamaat (both gents and ladies sides), so please volunteer if you have the time. Helping someone to perform their obligatory prayers in Jamaat has its own reward.

In deciding whether to attend please note the following:


Should I Pray in the Masjid?


Are you a high-risk person or living with anyone at higher risk?

70 years, eligible for the flu vaccine, frail or condition set as high risk by NHS (e.g. chronic respiratory, heart, kidney, neurological or liver diseases, diabetes, problem with immune system, immunosuppressant drugs, any cancer or solid organ transplant).

Do you have any COVID symptoms?

Temp > 37.8c, a dry cough, loss of smell or taste, cold or flu like symptoms.

Are you frontline staff in contact with patients?

Doctors, nurses & staff working in clinical settings. Evidence shows that many of them may have COVID-19 without realising it due to increased exposure

If the above applies to you, please continue to pray at home




☐  Masjid will open 15 mins prior to Jamaat and close IMMEDIDATELY after

☐  Limited numbers allowed on a first come first enter basis

☐  Bring your own prayer mat and take it back home with you. Entry will not be permitted without it

☐  Bring your own bag and keep shoes with you at all times- 1-way system in effect

☐  You MUST bring a face mask; entry will not be permitted without one

☐  No wudu or toilet facilities – please make Wudu at home

☐  Strict 2m social distance should be maintained at all times

☐  Do not shake hands or embrace others

☐  All non-congregational prayers must be performed at home ie Sunnah, nawafil etc

☐  No Children under 14 allowed

☐  Due to restricted capacity, females should only attend on Jumma

☐   Please follow the instructions for the Imaam and volunteers at all days for the safety of all.

Join the whataspp group on 07711 723406 for updates

Trustees & Covid-19 Re-opening group