Car park update

Mashallah, work is progressing on the Car Park resurfacing. The work to house pipes for water, electricity, gas and drainage to the funeral facilities and garage (see illustrations) has been completed. During the work additional, unknown, drainage points were discovered, requiring additional work and materials, hence a small increase in costs.

The trenches have now been filled in, and the next phase of the work will be levelling and laying of tarmac. Inshallah, all being well, we hope to complete the work before Christmas. Attendees will be able to enjoy the new car park during the holidays coming up.

Fundraising is much slower than hoped for. We are conscious these are difficult times for many, with income uncertainty, and job insecurity. We remain hopeful, as in the past, Allah provides the means for his work.

Please donate generously to this legacy. Those blessed with the means, we are asking donations of £500-£1000. Others, whatever you can. Remember all risq comes from Allah in the first place. Allah tests to see how much of that we spend in his cause.

If you are taxpayer, we will be able reclaim 25% tax you paid. So, when you donate, please send text via “the contact us” link, with your name and address, telephone number and amount donated. If you pay online please put “car park appeal” as reference, so we can track payments and have accurate figures for this appeal.

Bank Account details: Shropshire Islamic Foundation: sort code 40-46-04 A/c 61494260

Target £30,000

Amount raised £4.432 as @13-12-20

We need to hit our target in the next two weeks, when payment will be due.

Donations can be made via bank draft, cheque, PayPal, or Cash or Card at Jumma prayers.