Eid Ul Adha

Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

Please note the following regarding Eid Prayers

Eid will be on Tuesday 20th July, inshallah.

Men, Women and Children are welcome

First Eid Prayer
Locals are encouraged to attend the first prayer so that families can attend the second prayer.
Bayaan 7:30
Namaaz 8:00

Second Eid Prayer
Bayaan 9:00
Namaaz 9:30

Current covid-19 legal restrictions and safety measures will have been lifted from 19th July. Attendees are asked to take personal responsibility for their safety and of others. Those with underlying health conditions should carefully consider the risks of attending a non-covid compliant large gathering.

The following will apply to Eid prayers and subsequent Jumma prayers.

  • Temperature check and track and trace measures will NO longer apply
  • Social distancing restrictions will be removed.
  • Masks will not be compulsory but strongly recommended. This is to protect others, not you. By wearing a mask, you are respecting others.
  • Own prayers mats are not compulsory but recommended.
  • Place your shoes on the show racks.
  • Toilet facilities will be limited to current minimal levels. Please come with Wuzu.
  • Locals are encouraged to walk to the Masjid.
  • Please park in New College, Wellington Surgery or the railway station car parks.
  • Do not park on double yellow lines, pavements, disable parking spaces, do not block entrances or obscure visibility at junctions, such as Regent St, Constitution Hill etc.
  • It will be a working day. Police will be patrolling from 7-10.
  • The volunteers will guide cars in and out of New College Car Park. Park in the clearly marked bays. DO NOT park anywhere near the entrance area. This space is needed for traffic management.

Let’s make this a joyous day of thanks to Allah (swt) for blessing us with this day of celebration. Let us not inconvenience, or cause grievance,  to the local community by our ibadat.

Eid Mubarak to everyone.