Welcome to the Shropshire Islamic Foundation

Asalaamualaykum wa rahmatullah (be peace upon on you)

Welcome to the website of the Shropshire Islamic Foundation and its flagship, Telford Central Mosque.

The King Street Masjid is open for 5 daily prayers and Jumma.

See the prayer timetable for daily and Jumma (Friday prayer) timing.

Whilst legal restrictions no longer apply, the pandemic has not gone away, so we urge everyone to continue to take responsibility towards each other and keep their family and community safe. Especially in the coming autumn/winter, when coupled with seasonal flu, the situation might worsen.

Check the News page for latest updates

There are containers for Jumma collection at the foyer entry and exit routes. Preferably please set up standings orders for £10, £20 per month to cover our running costs.

SIF account details for bank transfer are below. Thank you for your continuing support for the masjid. May Allah reward you all.

Shropshire Islamic Foundation Sort 404604 A/C 61494260. If you are a tax payer, we can claim 25% additional to your donation. If you are paying by standing order, making regular Friday donations, or ad hoc donations, text or email your details to 07980 913401 or telfordcentalmosque@gmail.com or use the “Get in touch” link so we can record your donation and claim 25% on top of that. SIF is losing thousands of pounds because we don’t always have details of donors and their donations. For all other queries contact chair of Trustees, Rashid Hussain 07711 723408