Here at Telford Central Mosque, we offer a number of services to both the Muslim and wider community. If you’re interested in learning about the services we offer, please read more below.

What We Currently Offer

  • Daily prayers at Tan Bank Mosque but soon inshallah all 5 prayers will be held at King St.
  • Friday Jumu’ah prayers,Taraweeha prayers in Ramadan and the Eid prayers in King Street Mosque
  • Qur’an classes
  • Youth activities
  • Madrassa and adult education
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Current Facilities

  • Mosque accommodating 900 Muslims to pray in a spacious and comfortable area
  • Praying facilities for women – the first one in Shropshire
  • Islamic Academy
  • Marriage services
  • Da’wah work and education classes
  • Community centre allowing for a wide range of activities
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Future Facilities

  • Education centre and library
  • Funeral services (see below for current situation)
  • Sports & Leisure facilities
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We endeavour to improve understanding of Islam, and to further its teachings. Our aim is to offer opportunities to learn about Islam and become a point of contact for all people wanting to know more about our religion.

Funeral Services

Funeral Services are currently organised by an independent committee, The Death Committee. They are independent of Shropshire Islamic Foundation and co-ordinate funeral services within Shropshire. It is a subscription membership service.

There are two funeral companies which undertake Muslim burial – one based in Telford and the other in Wolverhampton. Their details can be accessed via the Death Committee.

Currently Janazah, funeral prayer services, are held at either at 41 Tan Bank or King St Mosques.

When our funeral facilities are complete, the Death Committee will still play an important operational role for arranging the detailed planning by liaising closely with Shropshire Islamic Foundation.

Visits and Tours

We host school visits. If you would like to visit the mosque or any other part of the Foundation, please contact us via the contact us page. We welcome any organisation, particularly schools, colleges, faith groups etc who are interested in finding out more about Islam as a religion or as a way of life.