Education and gaining knowledge in the religion of Islam has always been of the highest importance and something which every Muslim, provided they are of sound mind, is obliged to acquire to the limits of their ability.

The very first revelation from God to Prophet Muhammed (sallahu alayhi wa salaam), told him to spread the word of Tawhid (the oneness of the Creator) by the pen i.e. by learning and education. The knowledge, both in books and what can be learnt directly from the ulama (the scholars of Islam),is without parallel.

There are many reasons for this; one of the most important is that Islam is a complete way of life.Its rules, regulations, recommendations and advice cover every single aspect of a Muslim’s life, man or woman,young or old. Consequently, the education that we strive to provide for our children,and indeed for adults as well, has to reflect the degree to which every child needs to have an understanding of much more than simply the basic principles of the religion.

Whilst we believe that we have made a good start and our madrassah has achieved considerable success, there really is no upper limit to this work. In the greatest period of the Islamic Empire, when for 800 years the Muslims ruled over Al Andalus, its capital, Cordoba had 700 libraries, each with thousands of books, available free to everybody and in the Grand Mosque, there would be 1600 circles, each circle consisting of a teacher and a circle of students. So you can see that we have some way to go yet.

Here at Telford Mosque, we have a range of classes and groups where children of all ages can learn about Islam and learn to recite the Quran. There are also classes exclusively for the sisters. The importance of education for our Muslim sisters cannot be overemphasised as they have the most important job that there can be, that of bringing up the next generation of Muslims, boys and girls.

Undeniably, there is ignorance in the Ummah today and this is the root cause of many of the problems that we see in society today. God says in the Quran that He has sent His Messenger to the world to lead the believers out of the darkness into the light. Darkness is fear and ignorance and the light is knowledge and understanding.

Most of the classes are held on Sundays and the Madrassa runs Monday to Friday.

The Madrassa is for boys and girls from 5 to 16 years of age.

Girls Boys
4.45pm – 6.50pm 5pm – 7.10pm
Ages (5-16 Years) Ages (5-16 Years)
Runs Monday to Friday Runs Monday to Friday



We follow the Safar publication series, which caters for ages 5-16.

The series covers topics such as the names of Allah, history of the Prophets ,Figh and briefly touching on the lives of the Prophets.

We supplement the series with a book called Gift for Muslims, which is used for Du’as, names of Allah and kalimah. At the heart of all these individual subjects is the Book that binds them all together, the learning and recitation of the Noble Quran

Class Time
Islamic Class for Young Sisters tbc
Islamic Class for Adolescent/Teenage Sisters tbc
Arabic Language for Sisters (Adult Class) tbc
Kids Arabic Arabic Language & Tajweed (Sunday)

Kidz Club (Sunday) tbc

N.B. Please note that most the above classes and the Madrassa have fees attached to them.

Please ensure that you ask what the fees are for the class or classes in which you are interested

For all enquiries please contact us via email.